Healing (and Musical) Advice from a Mindfulness Coach

It was an honor to present my book Radio Head to celebs and Oscar nominees over the weekend of the Oscar Awards in Hollywood. At a pre-Oscars party, I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Patti Martin, a primary school teacher for 20 years, and author of the soon-to-be-released book, Breaking Free of Bullying Using Mindfulness, aimed at both parents and kids. Using methods practiced in her classroom over the last 5 years, Dr. Martin offers a variety of techniques to transform fear-based emotions to calmness, gratitude, and positive feelings of well-being.Dr Patti Martin

“How in the world do I remember every single lyric from every song that is never, ever played on the radio?  Well music helps the brain function in various ways,” says Dr. Patti Martin. She explains how in this post on her website. 

After our brief meeting at the party, Dr. Martin went home and did a “reading” for me, using a deck of cards from her unique collection. As much as I love magical realism in fiction, I’m fairly pragmatic in real life. While open to various spiritual and philosophical possibilities, I wouldn’t necessarily seek out the help of a psychic or medium to answer questions concerning my life. So when Patti got in touch with me, I was surprised to see pictures of the notes she’d taken during my reading. They seemed pretty accurate! When I asked about her sources, she told me visions come to her with the help of her higher power, Mother Mary, listening to music, and particularly acrcangels. (For instance, Michael is the omnipresent protector and shield, and Raphael is the healing angel-physical and emotional pain, she explains.) It takes faith.

Read on to find out about a special deal Dr. Martin is offering to readers and fans ALL month!

The first card she pulled was intended to tell me about the next 30 days. She wrote, “See yourself succeeding,” and it hit home for me. I’ll tell you a secret: public speaking is one of my biggest fears. In the month of February, I was invited to present my book to both the Grammy nominees AND at the Oscar Awards. (Crazy, right?) In order to do this (without nearly dying) I engaged in daily guided meditations – the kind athletes use before a big race or game – to calm my nerves, and envision myself just doing my job, effortlessly, and with success. It really helped! Like many introverted people (ahem, writers) it’s also painful to do promotion and marketing, so posting about how much fun I had (it WAS fun!) on social media is a double-edged sword. As proud as I am about these events, honestly, I hope we all get a chance to expand toward our goals.

On another card, she was given a vision that I should tune in to my radio for signs. Just like Shelby Rey in RADIO HEAD, there are messages for us all in songs on the radio, and we just have to listen.

She also warned me about nay-sayers. No, she wasn’t talking about haters, but about a problem I’m going through while writing my third book. The fact is, I haven’t been feeling it, even after months of research and outlining. The naysayers in my case would tell me not to give up, but Dr. Martin says to “put the work on the backburner until I know what I should be doing. I’m either in alignment, or I’m out of it. It isn’t a reflection of my competency, it’s a matter of not being in alignment with my goals, and what I need to be doing.” She pinpointed that I’m not currently writing for or about millennials, and as a mentor to teen writers, this cuts me off from what fills my heart.
Dr. Martin suggested I stop analyzing things and WRITE FROM MY HEART. (This is something I say to other writers all the time. Maybe I should practice what I preach:) That’s what letting go looks like, she said, and it’s advice we can all use.

If you’re curious about what Dr. Patti Martin will see in her cards for you, she is offering a St. Patrick’s Day 50% off special during the entire month of March, for all types of readings and mindfulness coaching.
Email her at DrPattiMartin (at) gmail (dot) com, and use the code St. Patti’s Day

You can find Dr. Patti Martin at
Facebook docmartin
Twitter @mindfulyourlife

Dr. Patti Martin believes you were put on this earth to be YOU! MindfullYourLife.org is designed to help revive your uniqueness, heal your heart, and create your self-worth so that you move from your pain and into prosperity.


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