Renee Rosen’s fave songs & WINDY CITY BLUES giveaway

Behind every song, there’s a story. Behind every human struggle, there is a song to tell the story. As the bestselling author of WHITE COLLAR GIRL and WHAT THE LADY WANTS, Renee Rosen has a gift for shining light into dark places and leaving readers with a song in their hearts. Her newest book, WINDY CITY BLUES, explores one woman’s journey of self-discovery set against the backdrop of a musical and social revolution. It will be available in February 2017. But we’re about to get lucky!

windy-city-blues-music-mondayRenee is sharing 25 free copies of her book before its official release AND she even hooked us up with her Spotify playlist, so we can get in the mood for reading . We ❤ Renee Rosen!!

“Rosen captures the birth of Chicago blues from its shabby inception to its raucous success. She gives us a world of blacks and Jews, migrants and immigrants, musicians and their admirers. I was engrossed by this novel.”—Mary Morris, author of The Jazz Palace

Check out the music that inspired Renee’s book!

Ifrenee-rosen you love books with a music theme as much as we do, please pre-order WINDY CITY BLUES today. We did, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it!  Did you know you can pre-order directly from the publisher, Penguin Random House? So cool.

Click here to enter the WINDY CITY BLUES  book giveaway!

Enter now, the giveaway concludes on December 19, 2016.

Renee is author of the upcoming novel WINDY CITY BLUES about Chess Records and the Civil Rights Movement coming in Feb. 2017 (Penguin/Berkley). She is also the bestselling author of DOLLFACE. Her YA novel, EVERY CROOKED POT was published in 2007. You can find her at Follow her on Twitter @ReneeRosen1, and on Facebook at ReneeRosenAuthor

Click here to enter the WINDY CITY BLUES  book giveaway!


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