The Ochoa Boyz Invasion is Here

I love meeting musicians and singers from every genre of music, and sharing Radio Head, of course!

ochoa-boyz-5The Ochoa Boyz are a family of talented brothers who are poised for huge success. The guys have a beat-infused electricity about them, and the kind of easy-going camaraderie that comes from growing up together. The group is made up of Rick (age 24), Ryan (age 20), Robert (age 17), and Raymond (age 14). Ryan has the most experience in the entertainment industry, beginning his career playing “Lanny” on the hit Disney show, Pair of Kings.


We get serious when we talk music;) 

The Boyz aim to put on a great show. To hone their dance skills, they called in Shane Sparks, a judge and choreographer on the reality television dance competition, “So You Think You Can Dance,” and a permanent judge on MTV’s dance competition, “America’s Best Dance Crew.” Sparks dubbed the band, “New Age Beastie Boys.” Those are some big shoes to fill.

dreamwishbelieveThe Ochoa Boyz music is a mixture of hip-hop, rap, and dance. They write all their own music, and co-produce many of their tracks. Influenced by LMFAO and Eminem, their vocal performance is enhanced by choreographed dance. A recently released video series, The O-Boyz Invasions, showcases both their brotherly playfulness and acting chops. The band’s YouTube channel has tons of fun videos featuring the boyz at home with little sister Destiny, a big personality in her own right.

Ryan Ochoa gave his brothers the message they now live by: “Dream, wish, believe.” The Ochoa Boyz contend, “If we use those three ideals in our lives, anything is possible.”

O-Boyz Invasions
Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 3 
Part 4

Check out Ochoa Boyz on Sound Cloud
Twitter: @OchoaBoyz; @ryanochoa@rickochoa21@robertochoa125@raymondochoa12 


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