Author William F. Aicher’s Playlist for A CONFESSION

Music inspires creativity. To craft a compelling scene, writers employ all five senses to bring the action to life. Songs are an auditory tool for inspiration. Author 

“Songs that basically match the mood, feeling and general storyline of the book. Think of it as the soundtrack to the as-yet-filmed movie version.” -William Aicher

Bill aicherA CONFESSION has been called “a refreshing, riveting read offering more than just a story, but a mix of introspective thoughts.”

More about the book:
How far would you go to clear your own conscience? Would you destroy another’s integrity purely to ensure your own absolution? Taking inventory of a life defined by substance abuse, love, sex, politics and a newfound ease of inflicting public shame with the help of social media, ‘A Confession’ invites the reader to take a seat and listen to a man come to grips with his own secrets. As these truths are exposed, the rationality and logic behind them begins to unfurl, leaving both the narrator and reader ultimately questioning if indeed any of us can claim to be truly good.
A CONFESSION is available on Amazon here.

William F. Aicher is an independent author who primarily writes what he describes as “philosophical fiction.”  He holds degrees in journalism and philosophy from the University of Wisconsin and is Chief Marketing Officer for a major online music publisher. A proponent of the value of creative work, he lives just outside Madison, WI with his wife, three sons and a pair of crazy cats. Learn more at

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