Author Amy Chanel mixes music, writing & romance

Romance author Amy Chanel pens racy English-language romance novels on the beaches of Montevideo, Uruguay. She recently shared her eclectic taste in music with the Global Mixtape Mayhem, here at “Music is such a part of my books and characters, as well as my life, of course,” says Amy. “I am tickled pink that I can share a list of ten greats with you. So, in no particular order, let’s start here, shall we…”

Amy ChanelRL: What kinds of music attract your ear?
AC: I literally love alllll kinds of music. Jazz, Rock, Pop, Punk, Samba, well, all Brazilian (Caetano Veloso is a god), Son (Cuban), Symphonic, Opera (huge Wagner and Alban Berg fan), Choral (Tallis Scholars), Raï (Cheb Khaled from Algeria), Indian (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan), You name it. I could make lists of ten beautiful songs for days.

RL: Do you mention music in your books?

AC: Bill Evans gets a mention in my very first book, Spring Rush. As does the Pixies. Book Two of the series makes mention of Caetano Veloso, and of a song called Cielito Lindo. Colombian singer Marta Gomez’s version is a MUST. It is gorgeous and down tempo, voice and guitar. Though it is most widely known at a mariachi tempo with trumpets and rousing chorus. It was recorded in 1965 by the inimitable American songstress Eartha Kitt, to a watusi beat. Very camp. And the likes of Pavarotti, and even appears (a la mariachi with strings) in the old black and white Mexican movie Los Tres Garcia. This crazy movie can be seen in its entirety on YouTube.

RL: Are any of your characters musicians?
AC: I’ve slipped in both a rock star and a pop singer into my latest series of short reads, Raven Harbor Lane.
RL: Do you listen to music while writing?
AC: I don’t listen to music while writing, per se. What I do listen to when I choose to write with recordings in the background are ambient sounds and binaural beats. Focus music. I swear by it.
 amychanel book
RL: Your list is wonderful, and very diverse. Is there one song from your ten greats that holds a special meaning for you?
AC: Waltz for Debby has a powerful effect on me every single time I hear it. The melody was written by the iconic jazz pianist Bill Evans and the lyrics are by Gene Lees. The song is about a little girl, from the perspective of her father. Click here for the lyrics.
And here is my favorite version sung by Tony Bennett with Bill Evans himself on piano. (They did two sublime albums together). Makes me cry every time. I discovered it when I first discovered jazz. It was songs like that which bewitched me into a career of radio and festival promotion. But that’s another lifetime. 
RL: Music can certainly haunt us, in the most beautiful way. Many believe it is a bridge between all living creatures.
AC: I’ll leave you with this stunning highly musical call, from Jonna Jinton. It’s kulning, or, Swedish herd calling. According to Jinton, “Kulning is the word for the ancient Swedish herding call that has its roots in the Nordic medieval age. Because of its high-pitched sound, it was used to communicate with animals and creatures through very far distances.”
Amy Chanel is the author of a series of romance novels: Spring Rush (currently free!)Summer Season and Autumn Dreams. Book four of this series coming in 2016.
Her latest series, Raven Harbor Lane, is a collection of short reads (15-25K words) set in the same location as her full-length series. 
Amy gifts her website subscribers with a pdf of Champagne recipes. Join Amy’s list! Amy is crazy in love with the beach, her snake-charming, stallion-riding gaucho man, and her dog, Henry.
Visit Amy at, on Twitter @RomancingAmy, or on Amazon

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