5-star Review from author Antonio Chavira

I’m thrilled and honored to learn that Antonio Manuel Chavira has awarded RADIO HEAD a five-star review! Chavira is a novelist, acclaimed screenwriter, comic book writer, and university professor whose writing has been described as “especially witty,” where “expectations were either exceeded or subverted.” He holds degrees in Psychology, Globalization, Statistics, Mass Media, and Art History. I highly recommend checking out his graphic novel Beat L.A.  which explores the underbelly of gentrification throughout the political and physical landscape of Los Angeles and has been described as “gripping,” “criminal, gritty, dark and fun.”
Learn more about Chavira and what he’s working on at Minefield Wonderland.
Tony Chavira

I really enjoy books that take on tense personal relationships and emotional development with both dignity and as a integral part of the greater story arc. If you’re the same, Laclair’s “Radio Head” is a must-purchase. The dynamics between characters are so deftly written that you can easily empathize with each through limerance, arguments, joy and pain as they one-by-one struggle for ways forward through their respective tumultuous lives. Icing on the cake: the writing is steady, smart and incessantly honest (which is why I made it the title of his review, ha).

Long story short: a wonderful novel so worth the read. I can’t wait for more from Ms. Laclair.

Begin reading a FREE excerpt at Mixtape Methodology magazine.

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