A different POV on Radio Head – 5 star review

One of the best parts of writing is the “interaction” between the reader and the writer. What one reader “sees” is different from another, and that’s what makes the reading/writing relationship so personal–we writers have a message just for you. I appreciate your reviews! Here’s the latest on Amazon.
5.0 out of 5 stars Zing on every page
By “Johnny Appleseed”
This tale careens through territory that includes dark loss and abandonment, beautiful heights of creativity, and the ephemeral world of fame. Laclair’s characters spring off the page, revealed intimately through Laclair’s masterful use of point-of-view. Although “Radio Head” is set in the rock-star world, the book explores crises of person-hood and identity common to all of us–and leaves a message of affirmation. A great read!

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