5 Star Review of Radio Head, a novel

I’m excited and honored by this wonderful five-star review of Radio Head, which was posted this week on Goodreads. Margaret, the reviewer, captures the story so well, I wish it appeared on the back cover. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

marg“From the first sentence of RADIO HEAD–“White-coats say I’m crazy”–I was hooked. Who is this girl, Shelby, who tells us on the first page that music is her only friend? When you consider Shelby’s neglectful mother, one step away from living in the streets, it’s no surprise. Shelby hears music in her head, but not the way we do, remembering a song we just heard. Shelby hears the music inside other people, and it’s both a gift and a curse. 

Enter Zac, rock star in the band Grounder, who has fame, fortune, and a famous girlfriend, pop singer Ashtynn. Zac should be on top of the world, right? But he’s not, because his secret dream is to write and sing his own songs, not the hits penned by Stanford, Grounder’s heroin-addicted lead guitarist.

Put Shelby, Zac, Ashtynn, and Stanford together, add a celebrity psychiatrist and his do-gooder wife, and you’ve got a plot burning with conflict, passion, and pathos. Rebecca Laclair takes us on this fast-paced voyage of self-discovery, from music studios to the stage of the Choice Americas Awards. I haven’t read a novel so immersed in music since THE COMMITMENTS. As I read, I felt completely convinced that the author of RADIO HEAD knew this world and these characters.

I received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. Treat yourself to a fast, edgy ride and read RADIO HEAD.”

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