Pics from the Book Launch Party!

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the launch of Radio Head! Special thanks to the awesome band Psycho Sushi, who set up the PA and played such a rocking set that made everyone get up and dance. Shouldn’t all book launches should include a post-launch dance party?

Heartfelt thanks to editor Jenn Hager for acting as emcee, author Anne Clermont for interviewing me in front of the crowd, mystery writer Sherill Leonardi for taking command of the book sales table, drama coach Chazz Rose for prepping me for my chapter reading, and author/photographer Isabel Gates for snapping pics. Shoutout to social media guru Trish Bittman for hooking me up with Psycho Sushi, and awesome go-go dancing!


My local literary non-profit event group, Field’s End, reported on the event:

Interview with Rebecca Laclair

with Anne Clermont

Participants at February’s Speaker Series event were treated to a interview with Rebecca Laclair led by author Anne Clermont. Laclair discussed her dynamic first novel, Radio Head, a book that weaves several fascinating characters who use music to cope with PTSD, depression, and addiction in the middle of L.A.’s rock scene.

The theme of music is artfully woven throughout. When asked why she chose music as her central theme, Laclair said, “Music is beloved and informed. It serves as therapy, releases endorphins, and helps us let go of pain. And it can also trigger a lifetime of memories.” She mentioned how music helps even Alzheimer’s patients access their memories.

The book explores the connection between abuse and creativity, and Rebecca loves the fact that interpretation is in the hands of the reader. Laclair quoted Edmond Wilson, who said, “No two people read the same book.” One of the best parts of writing this book was letting her characters have their own moments of process and discovery–which often surprised her.

When asked how long it took to write the book, she confessed, “in the time it took for the band in the book to start up, have some success and then break up.”Living within the creative community on Bainbridge Island has been inspirational for Laclair. She loves working with teen writers. She is also active on the Field’s End core team.

In addition to writing this first novel, Laclair is a passionate and opinionated HuffPost contributor, an outdoor adventure magazine editor and the mother of two active boys. She is currently at work on her second novel.

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