My Mini Interview and Top 10 RADIO HEAD Quotes

I’m so excited to announce that book reviewer extraordinaire Jaclyn from the popular YA/NA blog Living in a World of Book Quotes is featuring me in her Author Spotlight! Known for her love of book quotes, she’s created TEN descriptive and beautiful memes from Radio Head quotes. Below the memes, you’ll find our mini interview where she asks me three magic questions. Enjoy!

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Top ten quotes and mini interview with Radio Head’s author Rebecca Laclair


Favorite Quotes:


 Question 1: what inspired you to write this story? 
In the earliest draft of Radio Head, Shelby (the protagonist) manifested her disorder by limiting her speech only to song lyrics. There are song lyrics for virtually everything a person might want to express! Considering that Shelby has worn her father’s headphones since he died, she has an intimate relationship with every song played on every available radio station. I spent a lot of time thinking about music, lyrics, different types of music genres, and how we relate to and respond to music. It was a fun project that helped me figure out what story I was really telling. Readers should note that song lyrics are copyrighted and therefore do not appear in the book. However, there are dozens of song titles used throughout. When you’re reading Radio Head, it’s fun to see how many you can find!

Question 2: does music influence you as a writer? 
Yes, in every way possible. I’ve opened myself to all types of music, and studied how musicians create and perform music, as well as how it is recorded.

I enjoy seeing how music moves people, especially children. Adults and senior citizens are most affected by the music they enjoyed between ages 8-18, which affirms how important it is for kids and teens to immerse themselves in their favorite music. It literally sets the tone (pun intended!) for their lifetime of memories and musical taste.

Question 3: what was your favorite part about writing this book?
That’s a tough question because so many blessings came out of it. It’s been fascinating to learn about story structure and to explore feelings, and “speak” in another person’s voice. I had fun seeing the world from rock star Zac’s point of view! I’m especially thankful for the relationships I’ve built in writing classes, workshops, and critique circles. Writing requires daily solitude and self-discipline, yet we writers need teachers and peers if we hope to improve our craft. Best of all, I’ve enjoyed mentoring kids and teens who are interested in creative writing, and incorporating healing music therapy activities that involve writing activities. These opportunities give my work a deeper sense of meaning and joy.

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