In good company – Radio Head AND In Another Life

This is just a quick note of gratitude. Oh, and an invitation to come to my Field’s End Speaker Series event!
My one hope is that Radio Head will speak to reader’s hearts and remind them of how music can help define who we are, and what makes us unique in the world. But I wonder if my message and intention is getting out to the world?

Imagine meileentomarchioy surprise and amazement when one of my Twitter followers, a writer and librarian in New Jersey, posted a pic of my book next to Julie Christine Johnson’s latest release, In Another Life! The reason this is so exciting?

As many of you know, I volunteer for a literary non-profit, Field’s End. We’ve invited Ms. Johnson to be our keynote at Speaker’s Speaker Series, on Bainbridge Island, off the coast of Seattle. We love Julie’s books, and her dynamic presentations, and can’t wait to be her hosts. Whether it’s serendipity or super-extreme coincidence that an east-coast librarian would be drawn to our two books at the same time, I may never know. But I for one am thrilled.

To celebrate this month’s release of Radio Head, I’ll be the keynote author for February’s Speaker’s Series. If you are in the area on Saturday, February 27, join us! Bainbridge Brewing, 9415 Coppertop Loop, Suite 104, Bainbridge Island. It’s a free event. Learn more here.

Let’s connect! Follow me on Twitter @WriterRLaclair.
Get ready for Speaker’s Series! Buy Julie Christine Johnson’s In Another Life


Thanks and hugs!




6 thoughts on “In good company – Radio Head AND In Another Life

  1. I’m guessing serendipity! (Or maybe I’ve just got good taste…)

    It’s a wonder how books and music (and Twitter!) can connect like-minded people across a continent. So glad to support you and Julie, Rebecca!


    1. Thanks so much, Eileen! You’re going to love Julie’s book! I hope you also find Radio Head thought-provoking and entertaining:)
      I look forward to hearing your insights. I also look forward to learning more about what you are writing!


  2. Oh Rebecca!! I just chanced upon this and I am hugging myself. Can’t wait to hug you in person! Thank you for the beautiful shout-out. I am thrilled for the release of Radio Head and I’d give anything to be there on the 27th, but I’ll be here, in Port Townsend, celebrating the launch of In Another Life at Imprint Books and the Writers’ Workshoppe. Great minds choose the same dates, eh?

    And look how our worlds have overlapped- wonderful Eileen Tomarchio, who isone of those rare voices on Twitter who becomes a true friend. What a sweet, small world.

    I cannot wait to meet you in March, if we don’t meet up before then.

    All hearts and joy!



    1. Julie, this is the sweetest message. Thank you!! Best of luck at your event. I hear nothing but wonderful things about you, and your book. This is your year, my dear! Big hugs and joy right back. (And to you, Eileen!) Looking forward to seeing you in March! ❤

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