LA Rock Band Hiedi Askew Loves RADIO HEAD

I’m excited to announce that lead singer and visual artist Jason Mascow of LA-based alternative rock band Hiedi Askew gave five stars to RADIO HEAD, a novel. Here is his review:

Laclairs’ ability to create such believable characters, left me at times opening my fist wanting to pimp slap or embrace them. Coming from the music and arts world of Los Angeles, it was very easy for me to follow and relate to this visually charged and locationally correct story. Her flow contains plenty of ups and downs and all arounds. I was at times, sexually charged and emotionally disgusted at the realism in this journey. It would be very hard to make up most of the interactions between the characters which leads me to wonder just how much the author pulled from her own life experiences. Good Stuff.
Here’s is Hiedi Askew’s vid for “Bop”
Learn more about Hiedi Askew at Check out Jason Mascow’s visually arresting paintings at

RADIO HEAD is available wherever you purchase books!
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