Interview: My Visit to Lisette Brodey’s Writers Chateau

This interview was published in author Lisette Brodey’s Writers’ ChateauLisette and I discuss tons of fun writing topics, including choosing a genre, finding the right ending to a story, and if my book were advertised on a bumper sticker, what it might say.


Here’s a short excerpt:

Lisette: What part of writing a novel do you enjoy the most? The least?


RL: The process of discovery is exciting: putting the characters in a given situation and finding out what they’re made of and how they feel about it. I’m very much an independent soul. Writing from home, I’m surrounded by a lush forest; my dog and cat lay at my sides, and I can listen to music. But, I love coming out of solitude to volunteer for local writing events, and I mentor teen writers through my public library. Writing conferences and author lectures are invigorating and inspiring—and a great way to meet other writers. One of the best aspects of novel-writing is enjoying a sense of creative community. The thing I like the least is when I’m working on a scene and I know I’m not doing it justice, that it could be better. I have to walk away and hope a light bulb comes on for how to fix it. Or, brainstorm ideas with a trusted critique partner.

Lisette: Some authors, like me, always write scenes in order. But I know some people write scenes out of order. How about you?

RL: I’m with you, Lisette! I need to write in order. I can’t know how my characters feel unless they “live” through the conflicts first. How would I know how much they’ve grown, if I didn’t first give them reasons to fight? My characters depend on talents learned, also. What they’re able to do in Chapter Fourteen, for instance, is very different from what they could do in Chapter Three. That said, I struggle with opening and closing pages. Once the book is complete, I’ll rewrite the beginning and the ending over and over, dozens of times.

Please read the interview in its entirety here. Let’s get to know each other better! 




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