How Music Inspires Author Anne Clermont

Anne Clermont is a fabulous new writer, editor, and writing instructor, inspired by equestrian show-jumping, the natural backdrop of the mountains of the San Francisco Bay Area, and the magic of horses. Her debut novel, LEARNING TO FALL, is forthcoming from SparkPress (August 2016).

anneclermontShe shared her top ten (oh, even better–eleven!) songs with Radio Head readers and the Mixtape Mayhem Playlist page. Her list demonstrates her diverse tastes, open-mindedness, and a playful curiosity. Here, she explains how her favorite songs inspire her writing, and her daily life:

AnneClermont“The playlist is actually much longer, but I’m including only these for brevity’s sake. I find writing to music immensely inspiring! Even on days plagued by thoughts of clients, business, finances, kids’ activities, or horse ailments, I would simply open my manuscript, re-read what I had written the previous day, plug in my headphones, and in essence, the playlist acted like a trigger. Pavlovian Conditioning, if you will. Playlist = writing my novel, LEARNING TO FALL! It worked like a charm almost every time. I also had a few ‘back-up’ albums that I would turn to, depending on whether I was working on a melancholy scene, a dramatic scene, or a romantic scene.”

“When I’m stuck in the ‘no writing zone,’ in my new novel, I turn to music.” –Anne Clermont

Anne is writing a new book. Does a new book “equal” a new playlist?

learningtofall“Yes, I’ve started a new playlist to match Alice, my new heroine. She is much more independent and wild than Brynn from LEARNING TO FALL,” she says, with a smile.

How does music affect the words you choose for a scene?

“Music is a huge atmosphere creator; it completes the picture. It balances the fictional story and character world, merging what I see on the page, what pictures I create in my mind, and seamlessly blends them with the sound of music, making each scene vivid and real. I hope that translates to a much more visceral story.”
Born in Kraków and raised outside of Toronto, Anne holds a Baccalaureate in Science degree with specialized honors in Animal Biology from the University of Guelph in Canada, and an MBA from Saint Mary’s College of California.


Twitter    @anne_clermont
Instagram  clermontanne

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