Style: Here’s how to create pretty hippie braids

how to do hippie braidsI’ve been growing my hair out since… um, Kindergarten! I only wish I had this gorgeous mane. If you have long locks, please do yourself a favor and create this look! So pretty!

I found this hairstyle on Take a moment to visit–you’ll find awesome beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips.

Creating this look requires only 4 EASY steps:

1. Take a section from either side and do a basic braid starting about two inches from the front of your hairline.

2. Take the section of hair in front of the braid and an equal section from the other side and pin it in back of your head.

3. Take the excess hair from the sections that you just pinned and braid that as well.

4. To hold this look all day, finish with hairspray, and you are done!

If you liked this, please check out the Music Festival & Concert Fashion Pinterest board.
What do YOU wear to shows? Please comment below with a selfie! Or tweet me your concert or festival look at @WriterRLaclair


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