I know it SEEMS like a long time…

I’m so excited to announce that RADIO HEAD will be available in February 2016.

Book preorders will begin as early as November. I’ll be hosting fun book giveaways. I love to gift my readers, and look forward to awarding fashion prizes. I’m open to nominations–where do you like to shop for concert and music festival clothing? How about shoes? RADIO HEAD is going to upgrade your closet, while filling a nice space on your bookshelf, for bloggers and readers interested in taking part on my blog tour!

In the meantime, please send me your list of your favorite music. I’m sharing Fan Playlists from around the world–I’d love to include yours! 

Reviewers can receive Advanced Copies of RADIO HEAD. If you’re a music fan who likes a good read, let’s connect.

Stay in touch! Subscribe to this blog or chat with author Rebecca Laclair on Twitter at @WriterRLaclair. Looking for fun graphics and free memes? Visit the official RADIO HEAD Pinterest page!


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